The wonderful software program that allows you to browse your computer and find all your designs in all major longarm quilt formats and all major embroidery formats (oh, and vector artwork and image files too).

Catalog Function

  • Browse to find and see your designs: Quilting patterns AND Embroidery Designs.
  • Sort into categories, create your own categories and subcategories.
  • Sort your image files: very helpful to include images of designs that are on your wish list in your catalog, or keep photos of finished projects close to the designs used in those projects.
  • Sort your vector artwork: great for designs-in-progress.
  • Search the catalog by design type, category, date etc.
  • Print the resulting catalog on paper or - using a PDF writer - create a PDF (to view your catalog on a tablet and show to customers).
  • Export as HTML (for your website).
  • Influence the size of the images in the printed or exported catalog.

File Organizer

Organize your designs with Design Manager - automatically copy the actual files into a main folder with subfolders in the same structure as your catalog. For example to copy your designs to an external drive (as a backup) or to a second computer in a nice structured and organized way.

Batch Converter

If you have a lot of designs in all sorts of file formats, you will love the Batch Converter inside the program.

Edit Existing Longarm Quilt Patterns / Embroidery Designs

You can edit designs too: resize to fit a chosen hoop (stitch count will be adapted), resize parts of a design, recolor, change stitching sequence, copy parts of a design into another design to create a new combination. There's a sew simulator to see how your machine will stitch the design.

Text and Lettering

You can even add text / lettering / Monograms to existing designs.
QE-Pattern Finder - the quick and easy way to find, organize and edit your
quilting patterns AND embroidery designs.
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QE-Pattern Finder

the perfect solution to find, organize and edit 

your Quilting patterns and Embroidery designs