QE-Pattern Finder Must-Have Offer

Because QE-Pattern Finder is such a wonderful program and a must-have,

we have a special offer for you:


QE-Pattern Finder

  • Before making your purchase, please visit the Overview Page, so that you are sure that QE-Pattern Finder is the program you have been waiting for :)
  • Also be sure to watch the tutorial movie so that you can see the program in action.
  • Within 24 hours you will receive a Sales Receipt, a download link and a "Registration number".
  • The Registration number is your proof of purchase.
  • Activation of the program requires an internet connection on the computer you want to activate.


*) Important notice for customers in Europe: 

add 21% BTW / VAT to the price of the product, Please email us to pay via a special PayPal Invoice.

Important - About the QE-Pattern Finder Personal Single User License


With the purchase of QE-Pattern Finder you obtain a Personal Single User License.

  • The Personal License  allows two activations. So you can install and activate on two computers, provided both are of the same person.
  • After activating QE-Pattern Finder you are not allowed to return, share, give away or re-sell the program. A Personal license cannot be transferred to another person.

QE-Pattern Finder is a product of Artistitch v.o.f.

Special Offer: from EUR 350, now:

EUR 299 *)

(=approx. USD 365)

*) Our prices are in Euros.

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