Screenshots QE-Pattern Finder's Catalog View

Catalog View will be your main view. This is where you choose the folders to be searched and set the desired file formats to search for. The found designs will be placed into the special container "Unsorted". Sorting the files is done by dragging and dropping the thumbnails into the desired categories. You can rename, delete and/or add categories. You can sort the design thumbnails into multiple categories.


File Formats


Design Editor


Browser View


Catalog View



Mouse over the purple frames in the image below for more information.

Also scroll down this page to see a catalog showing .PRE files (made with Pre-Design (Studio)

Using Filters >>

You can create multiple catalogs, for example one for your artwork files, "work in progress". In the example below you can see that QE-Pattern Finder can show .PRE files, made with Pre-Design (Studio):