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Design Editor is the gem included in QE-Pattern Finder. Double-clicking on a design thumbnail in Catalog View will open the design in Design Editor where you can tweak it, recolor, re-sequence, resize. You can even add text! You can open a backdrop image to audition designs on a photo of fabric, of a garment of a quilt block or a full quilt.


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Example 1: the original is a vector-based design made in our Art and Stitch software. In Design Editor the outlines can be reshaped, a hole can be created, fills can be turned into motif fills or wave fills.

Example 2: the original is a Longarm quilt pattern ("Theo Designing by Accident", from the Library of Art and Stitch). In QE-Pattern Finder Design Editor, one flower was isolated so that it can be used for other purposes, e.g. to create a border.

Example 3: the original is an older stitch based design from one of my PE-Design CD-Books. In QE-Pattern Finder Design Editor I took away the "knot" of the rope border.

Example 4: In QE-Pattern Finder Design Editor you can open an image as Backdrop. Great to open a photo of a quilt block or a quilt, to audition quilt patterns. Or to open a photo of a garment and see how the design will look.

Example 5: QE-Pattern Finder Design Editor includes a Text / Lettering / Monogramming program. Great to personalize existing designs with a name or phrase.

QE-Pattern Finder includes 20 digitized keyboard fonts and 34 Monogram styles.

Mouse over the purple frames in the image below for more information.

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